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How to Make Your Printable Art Look like a Vintage Painting

How to Make Your Printable Art Look like a Vintage Painting

Atrecho Art Printable Wall Art

Want the look of beautiful vintage art without the hefty price tag? Try this little trick to make an Atrecho Art print look like an original oil painting! 

Follow These Steps

Gather your materials:

  • frame
  • art print
  • small paint brush
  • Mod Podge (We recommend exterior Mod Podge)
  1. Find your favorite piece of art and a frame for it

    Select your favorite piece from the Atrecho Art catalogue. Visit local thrift stores for well-aged frames in a variety of sizes. Your frame does not need any glass, but you should have a backer board. You can cut one from foam board if needed. Thrift store frames

  2. Print your artwork the right size for the frame

    Use a laser color printer and print on card stock, if possible. Regular quality paper will work, too.  You can use an online printer like or visit your local Office Depot or FedEx.

  3. Paint on the Mod Podge to create brush stroke texture

    Paint in random patterns with your paintbrush or paint little strokes as though you are tracing the painting so that the texture looks more authentic. Don’t put it on too thick or the paper may get too wet and create an air bubble.Brush Mod Podge on Print

  4. Let dry and repeat step 3 if desired

    See how you like your texture. You can always add more.

  5. Attach the print to the backer board of the frame

    Using spray adhesive or a glue stick, attach the print to the backer board, being careful to press down firmly to smooth out any wrinkles.

What Kind of Mod Podge Should you Use?

Mod Podge is essentially paintable glue that dries clear. We recommend the Outdoor version of Mod Podge because its waterproof. It provides just the right amount of shine and protects prints you might want to hang in the kitchen or bathroom.


Traditional oil paintings are not usually framed with glass, so if you want your print to look like a real painting, leave off the glass. There will be almost no glare on your new painting, which means it will photograph better and be visible from all angles. Hang your print in your favorite book nook, above your bed or in your dining room!

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